Boatman bait boats are subject to strict quality tests.

Please follow the instructions as set out in the User Manual.
In the event of quality problems the warranty is as follows :

Should the product still be under warranty as per the table below, Boatman Shenzhen or BoaTmanZA will replace or repair components free of charge.
In the case of an Expired warranty period, either Boatman Shenzhen or BoaTmanZA will replace or repair components at a reasonable cost.

Warranty Conditions:

1. Valid sales voucher and after service card are required.

2. Parts Warranty

 Item              Part Description                Warranty Period

   2.1          PCB Master Control Board          
   2.2          Controller Masterboard                  1 Year
   2.3          Electric Motors                             

   2.4          Lithium BatteryCharger          
   2.5          Hopper Mechanism                      6 Months
   2.6          Lithium Battery                             


 3. Situations listed below will void the warranty:
     3.1 An exceeded warranty period.
     3.2 An invalid sales voucher and after service card.
     3.3 All parts not covered by the warranty.
     3.4 Product used outside of instructions in the User Manual.
     3.5 Artificial damage such as impact, extrusion, flop, puncture, water intake, electrical short etc.
     3.6 Damage from all natural disaster causes eg fire, floods, thunder & lightning etc.
      3.7 User disassembling the bait boat, circuits being connected in reverse, refitting of boat etc.
      3.8 Boatman company sponsored product.

                          FOR WARRANTY CARD SEE USER MANUAL